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2. Garage door replacementCost: $1,200

Estimated recoup upon resale: 83.9 percent

New to the report this year, an average garage door replacement costs a little over a grand and can impact your curb appeal in a very positive way. It's an easy way to update your house.


Last Updated Apr 26, 2011 5:04 PM EDT

Remodeling Magazine and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released their 2010-2011 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report. The report "compares construction costs with resale values for 35 remodeling projects in 80 markets across the country."

Cost vs. Value Report Top FindingsAccording to the 2010-2011 Cost vs. Value Report, if you want to boost your home value, start by fixing up the outside of your home.

Nine of the "top 10 most cost-effective projects nationally" are exterior replacement projects. Realtors rated exterior replacement projects the most cost-effective home improvement projects in terms of value recouped after resale of the home (one year after the remodeling project was completed).

Exterior projects, "not only provide the most value, but also are among the least expensive improvements for a home," said National Association of Realtors President Ron Phipps. "Curb appeal remains king " it's the first thing potential buyers notice when http://www.familyhandyman.com/doors/garage-door-repair looking for a home, and it also demonstrates pride of ownership," Phipps added.

The four most cost-effective remodeling projects (nationally):1. Entry door replacement. Cost: $1,172 (steel) or $3,490 (fiberglass)

Estimated recoup upon resale: 102.1 percent

New doors remained the remodeling project that recouped the most money this year. It's also the only project in this year's report expected to raise home value more than it costs.


Honorable Mention:Some siding and window replacement projects were expected to return more than 70 percent of costs. Window replacements are estimated, nationally, at $10,728 for vinyl windows and $11,700 for wood.

Of the nine regions in the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, four consistently reported the high percentage of remodeling costs recouped upon resale trend. They were the

Pacific region (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington)West South Central region (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas)East South Central region (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee)South Atlantic region (District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia).To read the full project descriptions, access national and regional project data, and download a free PDF containing data for any of the 80 cities covered by the report, visit www.costvsvalue.com.

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Ilyce R. Glink is the author of several books, including 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask and Buy, Close, Move In!. She blogs about money and real estate at ThinkGlink.com and The Equifax Personal Finance Blog, and is Chief Content Strategist at RealtyJoin.com, a community for real estate investors.

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3. Wood deck additionCost: $10,634

Estimated recoup upon resale: 72.8 percentThe deck addition project actually tied with a minor kitchen remodel. All of the top three are praised for how they add to curb appeal, and a new deck is definitely an amenity that can close a sale.



The weak economy has definitively affected upscale remodeling projects.

The 2010-2011 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report shows replacement projects are outperforming remodel and addition projects in resale value. The projects are lower cost and actually increase curb appeal. Sounds like a win-win all the way around.

Key inside and out

When we think of a deadlock, usually the standard round style deadlock which throws out a long bolt comes to mind. The double cylinder cylindrical deadbolt is the most common around the world. Some building codes in different countries may not allow deadlocking from the inside and so your deadlock might have a turn-snib on the inside instead of a key lock.

Insurance companies discovered double cylinder deadlocks were good when thieves break in through a window. The door can still not be opened without a key, making the thiefs job much harder to get large items out of the house. Many insurance companies insist double cylinder deadlocks are fitted before you can get contents insurance. Further if you are broken into and the thieves find a deadlock key inside your house and open the door, the insurance company might not accept your claim.

What happens in an Emergency?

The problem with double cylinder deadlocks is, what do you do in an emergency when you have to get out quick and cannot find the key? One of the most common emergencies is a fire. A fire can happen very quickly and it can cut off your access to your keys. Unfortunately this is a reality and does happen. Most counties have building codes for public buildings, especially where many people are inside a building. Hotels, backpackers, night clubs and shopping centers have all been in the news lately showing people killed in fires because of deadlocked doors. The most recent was a fire in a nightclub in Brazil where 234 people were killed in a fire because they could not get out deadlocked doors.

While it is more serious in a public building your own front door on your home potentially could block your exit in an emergency situation. Elderly people especially are at risk if keys for a deadlock cannot be found.

The best of both worlds - Inside Deadlocking and Turn-Snib

There are some deadlocks such as the Lockwood 001 dead-latch which is both a deadlock and has an escape snib. The Lockwood 001 can be fully deadlocked when you are not at home. When you return home and unlock the door, the Lockwood 001 automatically releases the deadlocked inside handle, making for an easy exit in an emergency.

A double cylinder http://www.minneapolishomegaragedoors.com/ deadlock requires a key to open the lock from either the inside or outside. You might want a double cylinder deadlock if there is a glass panel next to the front door that could be broken and a hand put through to open the door. A security gate will also require a double cylinder for the same reason.

While there are many different types of deadlocks available , there are 2 main functions available for deadlocks. They are Key lockable from the inside and always free to open from the inside. Free to open deadlocks can be opened with a turn-snib or similar opening device.

Double Cylinder for Glass Doors

There are pros and cons for both inside key lockable and turn-snib style deadlocks. Often the particular situation of the deadlock should be considered individually for their different circumstances.

It makes good sense to have a lock that can be both a double cylinder deadlock and a single cylinder lock with a snib. In the end it is a decision we all have to make up our own minds on, unless building codes or insurance companies demand a certain functionality for our doors.
Without knowing more, it's not possible to tell you how to fix it. But at least you now know more about how they operate. Perhaps you can solve the problem yourself. But be careful, garage doors are heavy and can kill you if they fall on you. Also, moving parts can sever fingers or cause painful crushing injuries. So if you don't know what you are doing, call a professional. Please.

What's a matter Mikayla? Did you get the door stuck and you want to get it unstuck before your parents get home?

Well, there's lots we don't know. Does it have an electric opener? If so, is THAT what is stuck? It can be a stuck chain, or the motor just isn't operating. If it IS an electric opener, does it have one of those security locks that prevent it from being operated? Does the door have beams that go across the bottom of the opening and something is blocking the beam? If so the door will open but will not close until the obstacle has been removed.

NOW: What if it's a manually operated door. Is it a roll up door? Is it a track door? Is it a swing up door? If it's a roll up door the gears may be jammed. If it's a track door (has wheels on each side http://precisiondoor.net/ and follows tracks) there could be something jammed in the track OR it could be a broken spring, or cable, or the cable has come off the pulley. If it's a swing up door and it won't open, is it still locked? If it won't close is there something in the scissors that is jamming it or are the scissor hinge worn or something broken?

Hope this helps.

But if it's something blocking the beam (sensor) then just move whatever is in the way.



'av'a g'day mate.
Repairing a Roll-up Door

Start off with checking the metal tracks holding the wheels in case of a rolling door for obstacles or blocks. Too much of dirt in the tracks leads to sticking of the door. If the track is damaged, bent or not in a good shape, use the mallet to get the tracks in shape by working on the ridges. This will facilitate smooth movement. A level will help you know if the tracks are in alignment. Over time loose screws can result in shifting of the tracks at an angle which is not perpendicular to the garage door. So, with the screwdriver, tighten all the screws holding the tracks in place. If the tracks are in a very bad condition, well, they would need to be replaced. For repairing a dysfunctional garage door, first clean and lubricate the wheels. An irony is that the grease used to lubricate the parts of the garage door earlier, sometimes hardens in the crevices rendering the door dysfunctional. For cleaning the debris, use normal home cleaner and re-lubricate with a garage door lubricant or powdered graphite. Repairing a Swing DoorThe mounting plate is an important part of a swing mechanism door. So, first see if the screws are loose. Mounting plate is crucial as it fastens and secures springs on the inner side of the garage. If the mounting plate is not in proper alignment, it inhibits the opening and closing action of the door. Check the springs for extra tension. Majority of the spring doors have a hook at the end of a spring that can be adjusted in a different hole. For doing that, you would need to detach the spring from the mounting plate by removing its screws. If the springs are worn out, replace garage door springs. Some More TipsDoor panels undergo wear and tear over a period of time. Therefore, using a wrench or a socket pipe or a plier, secure all the fasteners you can see on the garage door. Pull the emergency handle if need be, in case the door is connected to the door opener. Check for loose hinges, nuts and bolts and replace them with new parts. Take stock of the rollers of your garage door. Ideally you should be able to spin the stem with your fingers with minimum resistance. If they are badly worn out, replace them. Steel rollers would need a bit of oil for its bearings to work properly. It was not that tough, was it? If you did think it was, you can always refer to the door installation guide to ensure that you are not stuck anywhere. If you start doing the repair and feel that it is not your cup of tea, then grab the phone and call a professional. He will definitely get you out of the garage door woes!


Do screws, metal tracks, garages, door tensions and the like excite you? If they do, well then I am sure that you might be indulging in home repairs too often. A garage door repair entails checking if it properly opens and closes. The things you need are common sense and some common household repair tools. Further, the task becomes easy with the instructions which come with the repair kit and tools.

Things you need - Mallet, level, screwdriver, household cleaner, powdered graphite and lubricant.

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This is one of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest ways to save money instantly. A door sweep costs a couple bucks and attaches to the bottom of your door to keep the cold air out. You can find door sweeps that attach with screws or ones with self-stick adhesive.

It's the height of tax season, and we're all hoping for a little something extra in our return this year. But did you know as a homeowner (and in some cases even as a renter!) there are several expenses that you can deduct related to our houses? We got the scoop from Sarah Minton, Certified Public Accountant in San Diego, CA as well as a financial planner in Memphis, TN and learned about the following eight home tax deductions that may be available to you. Read through, and make sure to consult your professional tax planner to determine what will work for your specific circumstances.


DIY Door Sweep

Do you have a home story idea or tip? Email us at homesubmissions@huffingtonpost.com. (PR pitches sent to this address will be ignored.)

1. According to the IRS, home improvements are jobs like plumbing, wiring, installing air conditioning or putting on a new roof, that add value and prolong our house's life. You can't necessarily deduct these costs, but you can add the price of materials and labor to http://precisiondoor.net/garagedoor-repair the basis of your home. In certain circumstances, this will reduce the tax owed on the sale of your home in the future, if you decide to sell it. Head to the IRS webpage for homeowners to find out more information.

6. If you move more than 50 miles to a new full-time job in the same line of work, some of those moving expenses are deductible. For more information, see the IRS publication on moving expenses. These breaks may be available to both homeowners and renters.

7. If you work out of your home or apartment you may be able to deduct a portion of the mortgage or rent for this use, if you meet specific requirements. This could be a tricky one though, so as with all tax tips, always seek professional advice to make sure you qualify. Read here for the specifics.

4. If you own a condo or co-op, you can enjoy tax deductions similar to those of detached homes. This is great to know if you're looking into homeownership for 2013, but hate to mow the yard or drag the garbage to the curb.


And click through the slideshow of seven efficient upgrades (that all cost less than $50!) that will save you money at home:

2. There are some home products, particularly appliances that are Energy Star rated, that may qualify for a deduction. You can get the full list here.

Of course, this information is not intended to substitute for obtaining advice from a professional tax planner, and the outcomes may differ based on the facts and circumstances of your unique situation. Also keep in mind that many of these deductions only apply to a primary residence, and some deductions may phase out as your adjusted gross income increases.

5. If you're a renter, you won't be able to deduct these costs from federal taxes, but in certain states including Maryland, Minnesota and California, you may be able to receive a credit on your state tax return. Each state has different rules, so check with your tax planner for details.

8. You can deduct contributions made to a qualified organization, assuming you are filing using Form 1040. Clothing and household items must be in good used condition or better, and you can deduct the fair market value at the time of donation. Any item that has a value of more than $500 must include a qualified appraisal with your return.

3. You CAN deduct real estate taxes, interest that qualifies as home mortgage interest, and mortgage insurance premiums. Visit the IRS site for the specifics.

If youre looking to give your home an elegant and stylish appeal, there is nothing better than decorating your doors which most of the people often forget. While decorating their homes, a large number of people more often forget using high quality door handles as they dont consider them as an important decor element. Over the past few years, there has been tremendous improvement in home decor elements with not people can choose from a range of door handles for their doors.

The glass door handles come in different shapes such as oval, square, circular and customized ones. They are capable enough of delivering a beautiful look to a dressing room, classy restroom and washroom. Glass doorknobs are not designed for the garage door or for children's room, and should be avoided on any door that subject to rough treatment. You can choose from either traditional or modern glass door knobs that are available in a range of colors, finishes, styles and shapes. The good thing is that different manufacturers produce a wide range of door knobs and their prices typically depend on quality, design, model and style.

Visit our website for more information on Glass Door Knobs, Carlisle Brass and Doors Handles.

Author's Bio:

Jacob Watson has 10 years of experience in writing Articles, Blogs and creative writing for numerous online article-submission directories. Besides this, he is also into Wildlife Photography and music.


If youve decided to go for glass door knobs, it is important for you to understand these doors are not similar to other https://www.arizonagaragedoorandrepair.com/ types of door knobs. These knobs call for special care and through which you can keep them shiny and untouched for years. When buying a glass doorknob, you must take into account the style, the nature of your home and other options. Knobs made of glass are fragile can damage easily, so always go for a glass knob with a maximum warranty. Most glass door knobs come with a limited lifetime mechanical warranty. Make sure to read the terms and conditions in case you find a broken door knob.

Before you choose to purchase door knobs for your home, it is important to understand different types of door knobs and their applications. Different types of knobs are brass door handles, glass door handles, metal door knobs, wood door knobs, chrome door knobs are many others. On the basis of your spending capacity and home decor needs, you can choose from these door accessories. Among various types, glass door knobs are very popular these days with people choosing them at great level. Although they are very delicate and not suitable for outdoor applications, still they are in great demand due to their great elegant appeal.

1.Casements have 1 or 2 panes. They are hinged on one side and unlock by rotating a hand crank. Casement windows generally open just 15 - 30 degrees, enough to let in sun light, but little else.

4.Bay windows are three-sided arrangements that project from the outside wall of the house, usually in dining room or formal sitting

quarters. They give the room a bigger feel while offering additional space for a seat or arrangements of potted plants and flowers.

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2.Sliders are in general two offset sashes, one which will slide behind the first, much like a sliding glass doors in a home.

So if you are searching for Replacement Home Windows in Findlay Ohio ProCraft Home Products can be a great way to search out more friendly info. Also, if you are looking for Roof installation in Toledo Ohio, they also offer those services.

Easy Tips To Create The Best Deck Railing System By: Lawren Cooper - Deck Railing is an integral part of every deck. Just like how your house would be incomplete without outdoor deck area, the deck would be incomplete without proper deck railing system. Tags: deck rail, deck railingSuggestions With Regard To Using The Services Of Any Locksmith. By: Margaret White - Some sort of locksmith will be among those men and women you really never provide much considered to, until you are usually confronted by a crisis circumstance. Sadly, when you hang on right up until an emergency, you could find yo ... Tags: storage, rv storage, boat storageTips On How To Look For Great Locksmiths By: Anthony Dee - A broken lock can be a big problem in terms of security and safety. This is especially true for residential and commercial places. Thats why it is important to deal with a reliable and trustworthy locksmith in your area in case ... Tags: Locksmiths in San DiegoSuggestions Intended For Hiring The Locksmith. By: Katy M. McGuire - A locksmith can be some of those men and women you actually don't provide a lot thought to, if you don't tend to be faced with an urgent situation situation. Unfortunately, if you wait till an emergency, you could finish up having ... Tags: rv storage, locksmith, boat storage, storage, self storageA Must Have For Every Wine Enthusiast: Wine Cooler By: Mark Well - We all have different passions and hobbies. Some of us are passionate about stamp collecting while a few of us are interested in gardening. It is our passions and interests that make us different from others. One such interesting p ... Tags: under counter wine cooler, under counter appliancesProfessional Services For Burglar And Fire Alarm Services In Malibu By: sinuse - Reduced reaction time is a champion amongst the most indispensable focal motivations behind having a Burglar And Fire Alarm Services Malibu. Particularly concerning flares, where a smart reaction can in a general sense diminishing ... Tags: Burglar And Fire Alarm Services, Automated Shades ControlAppliance Repair "" Not A Hard Task To Do By: Leon - The appliances often go out of order. There are many ways to find the appliance repair companies. You can choose anyone to get in touch with them.Tags: Refrigerator technician, Repair of refrigerators, Dryer RepaGuidance Regarding Getting Some Sort Of Locksmith. By: Gary Grenier - Some sort of locksmith is usually some of those individuals you really never allow a lot thought to, if you do not are facing an urgent situation predicament. Unfortunately, when you wait right up until an emergency, you could turn ... Tags: storage, rv storage, locksmith, boat storage, self storageLightweight Stone Panels-discussing The Lineaments And Their Availability On Online Stores By: Ron GoldSmith - After considering even the slightest details about the house you were planning to buy, you finally became the owner of your home sweet home.

Tags: lightweight stone panels, granite honeycomb panels, stone paneWhat Should A Modern Cold Storage Room Be Like? By: Rosario Berry - Cold storage rooms are entering the 21st Century and lately, significant developments in refrigeration technologies have ensured that fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, meats and marine products can be kept fresh for longer perio ... Tags: Cold Storage Room, Cold storage, efficient cold storage

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5.Bow windows are set in a series with every sash set at an angle. Bows are like to bays in that they project from the external face of the home. They are different in that each sash or in the series is set at a slight angle so that the full series forms a stylish curve or bow, rather than the sharp three-sided appearance of bay windows. There can be a few number of sashes in the bow window types.

7.Skylights are put in into the roof of the house to provide direct lighting. These are normally not designed to be opened in order to give the best weather safeguard.

There are numerous types of replacement windows to fit the diverse styles of residence architecture. Several of the more accepted styles involve the following.

6.Garden windows are regularly installed in kitchens, frequently replacing the sash behind the kitchen sink. These also expand beyond the outdoor wall of the home or condo. They are greatly smaller than bay or bow types and are often used for holding potted plants, creating a inside garden area, while providing an superior view of the exterior lawn or backyard.

3.Double hung comprise two sashes which move vertically, permitting ventilation through a opening at the top and/or at the base.

By: jennifernptaas

Windows are the most important source of natural light for a home, but they are so much more. Custom windows give a home beauty and personality. The decision to switch them is an essential one. New windows can have an effect on the feel of the residential home for inhabitants and offer the chance for significant energy savings. They can dramatically adjustment the worth of the house when it comes time to put it on the market to sell.

Kinds of Replacement Home Windows Port Clinton Ohio

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For more information on home windows and doors research this site http://procrafthomeproducts.com/windows.html

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2) Surprise: Guess who celebrity is now pregnant

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The 3-year-old killed by a garage door occurred in eastern Maryland, specifically Walforf, which is about 30 miles southeast of Washington, D.C.

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On Saturday, April 6, it was reported by ABC Local that a 3-year-old was killed by a garage door when she became trapped beneath it as it began closing. Its suspected that the girl died of asphyxiation.


3) 4 people killed in disturbing NY shooting spree

1) Halle Berry flaunts breasts in shocking dress on 'Tonight Show' (pictures)

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An autopsy is scheduled to be performed.

At that point, authorities believe the girl began trying to run to get outside before the door closed on her. Unfortunately, the girl became pinned, as the door is believed to have hit her back, thwarting her ability to free herself from both the garage and garage door.

10) Judge Judy is being sued

11) Man fired from job despite saving children from shark attack!

The 3-year-old apparently managed to slip away from the eye of her parents and get inside the http://www.lovelandgaragedoorsexperts.com/ garage alone. At this point, no one knows exactly what happened next, although its believed that the child may have hit the garage door button within the garage, causing it to begin closing.

7) 28 endangered elephants killed just for their ivory tusks

Authorities are still investigating this case. And while it hasnt been reported yet where the girls parents were at the time of the accident, it has been reported that they did indeed respond to the scene within minutes of the incident.


An Army of Volunteers: Comcast Cares Day Coming April 25, 2015 in WashingtonState

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, more than 3,200local Comcast NBCUniversal employees and their families, friends and community partners will make change happen as they volunteer to improve a dozen locations throughout Western Washington and Spokane County as part of the 14thannual Comcast Cares Day.

Comcast Cares Day, which takes place each April during National Volunteer Month, is Comcast NBCUniversals companywide celebration of their year-round commitment to service and the nations largest single-day corporate volunteer effort in the country. To catch some of the excitement, search social media sites for the hashtag #CCDay.

Here is a list of projects planned this year:

Aberdeen: Downtown Aberdeen Revitalization. This is a community-wide clean-up of 16 blocks in Aberdeen. Volunteers will be weeding, sweeping, cleaning curb lines, cleaning up outdoor flower pots, planting flowers and hanging flower basket brackets to prepare for the hanging of flower baskets after Mothers Day in May. (Partner:City of Aberdeen,which is working with theAberdeen Revitalization Movement.

Auburn:Auburn YMCA. Employees based in our Auburn offices will transform the YMCAs Summer Camp area by building raised flower beds and planters and of course also planting the flowers. Volunteers will also be repainting several picnic tables and landscaping the area. Volunteers will be spreading bark in their playground area and doing some weeding. Volunteers will also be helping the YMCA set-up for their annual Healthy Kids Day. The organization is expecting more than 5,000 community members; Comcasters will be assisting them by handing out their official T-shirts, and helping them set up and run several carnival games as well as some other duties.

Bellingham:TheFirs. The local team will volunteer atThe Firs Fircreek Day Camp, Retreat Center, and the Discovery School Campus. The Discovery School is a small specialized public school program that serves all the schools in Whatcom County. Volunteers will be painting the Rutledge Building,home of the Discovery School program, and will be cleaning the grounds of winter debris, doing work like picking up fallen tree limbs and entire trees. Other projects: raking landscaping beds and spreadingbeauty bark; cutting ivy out of a stand of trees; filling a play area with wood chips; cleaning out and refilling a giant sand play area; and trimming apple trees.

Bremerton:Bremerton Teen Center. For the second year in a row, volunteers will be doinggeneral landscaping and cleanup of the new Teen Center.(Partner: Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound)

Lakewood:Custer Elementary School.Employees will be beautifying this Clover Park School District school throughpainting and gardening and other improvements.

Marysville:Marysville Pilchuck High School. Volunteers will be conductinga wide variety of outdoor and indoor projects for all ages http://www.garagedoorsvc.com/ including painting, landscaping and general cleaning. This project is being organized by employees from Comcasts Everett and Lynnwood call centers.

Monroe:Monroe Boys & Girls Club. This project is organized by employees from the Comcast Everett field office. Thiswell-loved Boys and Girls Club has been a part of the Monroe community for more than17 years. This club serves more than 100 childrenper day and also gets a lot of use from the community for meetings and gatherings. Volunteers will be painting and cleaning a large part of this facility. Other projects will be organizing storage areas, light landscaping, pressure washing, installing a roll up door, and possibly installing 200 feet of fencing. (Partner: Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County)

Orting:Washington Soldiers Home. Volunteers will be partnering with the Washington Soldiers Home for Comcast Cares Day for a second year.Volunteers are planning a wide variety of projects, including multiple painting projects, landscaping, headstone cleaning and some light construction.This is organized by employees based in Comcasts Puyallup offices.

Redmond:Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. Employees willhelp beautify this 17-acre facility at one of the largest therapeutic horsemanship programs in the United Statesfor children and adults with disabilities. This project will consist of spreading gravel in the horse paddocks, fence washing, shed building, weeding and outdoor barn painting.

Seattle:Comcast Cares Day presents the Chinatown/ID Spring Clean. This is the second consecutive year that the Seattle site will be in the International District.This year, Comcast employees will paint an 80-foot-long community muralon wooden panels to be installed onto the wall of a historic building. Volunteers will canvass the neighborhood painting over graffiti, cleaning store fronts, picking up litter andrenovating the Danny Woo Community Garden. Volunteers will also assemblefurniture, donated by Comcast, for a new neighborhood co-work space that will serve as a springboard for budding new businesses. (Partners:SCIDpdais a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, and developing the Seattle Chinatown International District. Other partners include City Year Seattle/King County, andthe Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area (CIDBIA), InterIm Community Development Association, and Asian Counseling and Referral Services.

Spokane Valley:Spokane Valley Partners.Home to the largest food bank in Spokane County, this organization supports economically-disadvantaged families by also offering a free clothing bank, emergency assistance with utilities, a community garden, a weekend food program for homeless students and more. Here volunteers will be painting, gardening, building crop beds in a community garden and landscaping.

Tenino:Wolf Haven.This is the second year Comcast employees from Olympia will base their project at this highly-regarded wolf sanctuary. Volunteers will be painting indoors and outdoors, and doing some grounds cleaning such as pulling weeds and raking debris.

Blood Drives. Several are planned: April 15, Auburn; April 20, Fife Call Center and Olympia; April 21, Lynnwood Call Center; April 23, Puyallup; April 28, Everett Call Center; and then two dates in Spokane, April 16 and 28.

VetNet:This year, Comcast employee #VetNet groups, which consist of veterans and their supporters, will be hosting Comcast Cares Day projects. Theyll be making no-sew fleece blankets to donate toAMVET. These events will be Saturday, April 18, in Puyallup and Spokane, and Friday, April 24, at our Lynnwood Call Center.

This year, the Company expects more than 95,000 Comcast and NBCUniversal volunteers to participate in more than 700 projects across the country and around the globe. To date, volunteers have contributed more than 3.7 million service hours to improve nearly 6,000 projects in the U.S. and around the world since Comcast Cares Day started in 2001.

Comcast Cares Day demonstrates whats possible in a day, said Charisse R. Lillie, Vice President of Community Investment for Comcast Corporation and President of the Comcast Foundation. It truly is amazing to see the transformations that take place when communities mobilize to revitalize neglected neighborhood parks, beautify schools to improve the learning environment, stock community food banks, plant trees, install and wire computer labs at community centers, and so much more. Each year I am inspired by the generosity of everyone who gives back not just on Comcast Cares Day, but all year long.

Were proud to partner with a number of amazing organizations throughout Washington to improve our community during our 14thComcast Cares Day, said Steve Kipp, Vice President of External Affairs for Comcast in Washington. The hard work of the many hundreds of volunteers who will be donating their time to help make such a big difference in the lives of others is inspiring. We appreciate this opportunity to give to the community.

The Comcast Foundation will also provide grants to local community partner organizations across the country on behalf of everyone who volunteers on Comcast Cares Day. The grants will help Comcasts community partners continue their mission of serving the community throughout the year. To date, the Comcast Foundation has awarded more than $16 million in grants to local non-profit organizations who have partnered with us on Comcast Cares Day.

Comcast has been committed to serving local communities since our founding more than 50 years ago. For more information on Comcasts volunteer and community investment initiatives, visithttp://www.comcast.com/community.

About Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) is a global media and technology company with two primary businesses, Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal. Comcast Cable is the nations largest video, high-speed Internet and phone provider to residential customers under the XFINITY brand and also provides these services to businesses. NBCUniversal operates news, entertainment and sports cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, television production operations, television station groups, Universal Pictures and Universal Parks and Resorts. Visitwww.comcastcorporation.comfor more information.

About the Comcast Foundation

The Comcast Foundation was founded by Comcast Corporation in June 1999 to provide charitable support to qualified nonprofit organizations. The Foundation primarily invests in programs intended to have a positive, sustainable impact on their communities. The Foundation has three community investment prioritiespromoting community service, expanding digital literacy, and building tomorrows leaders. Since its inception, the Comcast Foundation has donated nearly $158 million to organizations in the communities nationwide that Comcast serves. More information about the Foundation and its programs is available atwww.comcast.com/community.


Walter Neary, 253-405-7706


Twitter: @wtneary & @comcastwa

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